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5 Things To Do this Halloween in Brea

5 Things To Do this Halloween in Brea

Whether you’re from Brea, or you’re simply visiting this Halloween season, there is plenty of festive fun to enjoy. If you’re looking for a day of family fun in a pumpkin patch, or if spending the evening haunt hunting with friends is more your speed, Brea has plenty of exciting Halloween activities to enjoy this October. Halloween comes around but once a year, so if you’re passing through Brea, make sure to not miss out on the thrills, chills, and scares this year!


Here are few fun activities that you can enjoy this Halloween:



  1. Monster Room

An escape room is a real life adventure game where you and your friends are trapped in a room full of puzzles and clues with 1 hour to try and escape. This game is for adults and keeps you intrigued, so you feel completely immersed while inside the game. It is truly by enthusiasts for the enthusiasts.


  1. Murder Mystery Game

A murder mystery game is perfect for Halloween! Your guests will become characters in a story, and it’s up to them to find out which character is the murderer. All the characters will guess the murderer, and at the end of the party, the murderer will be announced. The character who guesses right will win the prize.


  1. Halloween Jinx

This is my favorite game. Basically, as your guests arrive at the party, hand them a card or piece of paper with a list of words on them. These words need to be the same for each guest. These are the forbidden, or jinx, words of the night.


When a guest hears another guest use one of the words on the list, they’ll need to yell “Jinx!” The person who said one of the forbidden words gets their card taken away and they’re out of the game. The last person who hasn’t used one of the jinx words is the winner.


A little prize or simply some bragging rights is their reward for being able to keep their mouth shut.


  1. Battle of Balloons

Battle of the Balloons is an active and hilarious Halloween party game for adults and kids alike! This one will really get your guests up and move! To play this game, start by dividing your guests into two teams and put them on each side of the room.


Have each of your guests grab a balloon and tie it to their butts. Yell “Go” and have each team wobble towards each other, using their feet to try to break the other team’s balloons. No hands allowed! When a person gets their balloon popped, they are out of the game, and they need to move themselves over to the side of the room.


The last person with the balloon is the winner!


  1. Bobbing for Candy Corn

The goal of this game is for your guests to race to the bottom of their jello cup in search of the candy corn. Have guests collect their found candy corn and the first one to the magic number is the crowned victor!


All you have to do is round up all the players at the table, with the cups of jello in the middle. On your mark, all the players should start digging into the cups of jello with their mouths only. Whenever they find a candy corn at the bottom of the jello, contestants should put the corn in a separate cup for collecting.

Once a player reaches 10, the game is over.


That’s It!

This list of Halloween party games will make sure that your guests are talking about your Halloween party for years to come! Contact Remax Legacy if you want to be moved in time for all of this years’ festivities!