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4 of the Best Workouts in Brea

4 of the Best Workouts in Brea

Summer is a great time to start your health kick and get in shape! Working out can sometimes seem like a drag, but in Orange County there is always a way to make it fun! Brea has some great studios and classes that offer a great workout and a fun time! We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite workouts in the area that will have you motivated to workout!

Tone Barre

 Cardio is one thing, but if you need a workout to tighten and tone your body then Tone Barre is the spot to get fit. Tone Barre offers barre and cycling classes to get your muscles working hard. Barre and cycling workouts are both great because they target muscles that aren’t as commonly worked on a day-to-day basis. If you are someone who is bored of running on a track at the gym or working the elliptical at the gym, then try something new with Tone Barre. Although you’ll most likely be sore after your first class, at least you’ll feel the calories burning!

Crossfit Firestone

 If you want an intense workout regime then Crossfit Firestone is probably the place for you! Lately there has been a lot of popularity surrounding crossfit workouts and the benefits they have on your body. Crossfit Firestone prides themselves on combining functional movements with high level intensity. The large space in downtown Brea offers members or visitors individual or group training classes. The trainers at Crossfit Firestone are knowledgeable and dedicated to helping members reach their goals!  They even offer a free personal training session to get you started!

OrangeTheory Fitness

Looking for a full-body workout? OrangeTheory Fitness, a very popular chain throughout California, offers visitors and members a great workout that combines cardio and strength training to optimize results and intensity. OrangeTheory encourages people who take their class to move at their own rate! The trainers are always there to help, but everyone is welcome to take things as easy or difficult as they wish. Since each workout is individualized to each person, all ages are welcome!

One Body Studios

Workouts don’t always have to be so demanding- there are plenty of workouts that work the body and target specific muscles without as much of the intensity. One Body Studios offers yoga, dance and pilates classes. The yoga classes offer attendees a more relaxing experience that will still work the body and stretch it while incorporating meditation. The dance classes are designed for the ladies and even men looking to have a little fun during their workouts! Finally the pilates classes are designed for those in search of building strength and targeting the core. One Body Studios offers new clients a deal on classes: 30 days for $30!

Although these are some of our favorite workouts in Brea, these are far from the only studios, gyms and classes! Brea is filled with great workouts indoors and great hiking trails and parks if you want a workout outdoors! For more information on Brea and all of the hidden gems Brea has to offer, contact one of our team members today!