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5 Best Lunch Spots in Brea

5 Best Lunch Spots in Brea

Fall is a busy season and it can be hard to find time for good meals throughout the day. However, with flu season in full swing and schedules getting crazy, it is important to take the time to eat good meals that fill you up and provide nutritional benefits. These great lunch spots are perfect for a lunch date with a friend, a healthy spot to grab food during the work day or even just somewhere to sit outside and enjoy the seasonal treats.

  1. Urban Plates

Looking for that midday stop during the work day? Urban Plates is a great place to go if you want a healthy lunch that’s tasty too! Between their options of hand-tossed salads, sandwiches, soups, ect, there is something for everyone! One of our favorite menu items is the Grilled Wild Albacore Nicoise salad with a cup with the Roasted Corn and Poblano Soup!  

2. Mendocino Farms

Need a sandwich fix? Mendocino Farms is a popular chain sandwich market that is known for their delicious and fresh tasting menu options. The Mendocino Farms in Brea is located on Imperial Highway and is a well-visited lunch spot among Brea residents. They even have wine and beer on tap if you are in need of a little pick-me-up!

3. Tempo Urban Kitchen

Whether or not it’s a Tuesday, indulge yourself with some of the best tacos in town! There are healthy as well as not so healthy options on the menu, but regardless of what you order, everything is incredible! We love grabbing a group of friends and sitting down here for lunch on Taco Tuesday! It’s a fun atmosphere and has won plenty of awards over the last couple of years. We recommend the Crispy Avocado Taco or the Enchiladas Suizas!

4. Olive Pit Grill

Can’t decide what kind of food you’re craving for lunch? Step out of the box and go Greek! Olive Pit Grill serves up some of the freshest and tastiest Greek food in Orange County. The reason we love it is because it’s healthy and filling. Olive Pit is nice because customers have the option to build their own wrap, salad or plate. Everyone is satisfied at Olive Pit Grill!

5. Rae G Cafe

It’s hard to be completely healthy all the time, so take a cheat day and give yourself a treat by stopping by Rae G Cafe on E Imperial Hwy. The sandwiches are hearty and packed with loads of meats, melted cheeses and toppfix-ins. One of our go-to sandwiches is the Pastrami Panini. The best part about these sandwiches is you can either eat in the cafe, or you can easily take them to-go!

Of course, these are not the only great restaurants in Brea! For more advice or tips on places to go check out our other blogs on the site today!

Fall Events in Brea

Fall Events in Brea

Brea is not just the hot spot to be during the warm months of Summer. There’s also plenty going on during the Fall season. Between getting the kids back to school, preparing for the holiday season and trying to coordinate everything in between, the Fall can seem overwhelming, but these events are a great way to take your mind off of things and bring the whole family together! These events can also be educational and informative.

Wellness Festival

Although Fall is a fun time and everyone is getting excited for the holidays approaching, Fall also can mean flu season. On September 30 Brea hosts a Wellness Festival where anyone is welcome to come and learn more about medicine treatments and healthy living, grab some freebies and even get a free massage! This is a great way to prep yourself for the changing of the seasons and ensure that you are staying healthy throughout these busy times!

Brea Farmer’s Market

Although it’s not an event specific to Fall, the Brea Farmer’s Market is a great place to stop by on Thursday afternoons from 4-8 PM. Many of the vendors have seasonal fruits, vegetables and flavors that are specific to the Fall months. The Farmer’s Market takes place each Thursday afternoon on Birch Street and State College Blvd.

Outdoor Movies

Movies in the park are not just for Summer anymore! Brea continues to host movies throughout the Fall. It’s a little taste of Summer relaxation to put your mind at ease. These movies take place at The Village at La Foresta one Saturday out of each month. The movies start at 8 PM but many families, couples and friends like to bring blankets, chairs, dinner, appetizers and drinks before to socialize. Some of the movies showing this Fall are Secret Life of Pets and Monsters Inc.

Brunch or Treat

Head down to the Village at La Foresta on Sunday, October 29 if you’re interested in learning more about some great Fall recipes to make and serve! Admission at $5.00 per person to this Whole Foods event, gets you the chance to see different foods made, taste the recipes and ask about any cooking questions. If you are hosting family or friends throughout Fall, this event is a great way to add some new recipes to your repertoire.

Nutcracker Craft Boutique

For a small admission fee of only $2, locals and visitors are welcome to the annual Nutcracker Craft Boutique on November 17 and 18. Here you can find all sorts of holiday gifts, home goods and antiques with over 260 different vendors. The event goes from 9 AM – 6 PM on Friday and 9 AM – 4 PM on Saturday at the Brea Community Center. One of our favorite vendors to explore are some of the stained glass booths!

For more news and updates on events happening in the city of Brea, or to take a look at what’s on the market, get in contact with one of our realtors today!

5 Things To Do this Halloween in Brea

5 Things To Do this Halloween in Brea

Whether you’re from Brea, or you’re simply visiting this Halloween season, there is plenty of festive fun to enjoy. If you’re looking for a day of family fun in a pumpkin patch, or if spending the evening haunt hunting with friends is more your speed, Brea has plenty of exciting Halloween activities to enjoy this October. Halloween comes around but once a year, so if you’re passing through Brea, make sure to not miss out on the thrills, chills, and scares this year!


Here are few fun activities that you can enjoy this Halloween:



  1. Monster Room

An escape room is a real life adventure game where you and your friends are trapped in a room full of puzzles and clues with 1 hour to try and escape. This game is for adults and keeps you intrigued, so you feel completely immersed while inside the game. It is truly by enthusiasts for the enthusiasts.


  1. Murder Mystery Game

A murder mystery game is perfect for Halloween! Your guests will become characters in a story, and it’s up to them to find out which character is the murderer. All the characters will guess the murderer, and at the end of the party, the murderer will be announced. The character who guesses right will win the prize.


  1. Halloween Jinx

This is my favorite game. Basically, as your guests arrive at the party, hand them a card or piece of paper with a list of words on them. These words need to be the same for each guest. These are the forbidden, or jinx, words of the night.


When a guest hears another guest use one of the words on the list, they’ll need to yell “Jinx!” The person who said one of the forbidden words gets their card taken away and they’re out of the game. The last person who hasn’t used one of the jinx words is the winner.


A little prize or simply some bragging rights is their reward for being able to keep their mouth shut.


  1. Battle of Balloons

Battle of the Balloons is an active and hilarious Halloween party game for adults and kids alike! This one will really get your guests up and move! To play this game, start by dividing your guests into two teams and put them on each side of the room.


Have each of your guests grab a balloon and tie it to their butts. Yell “Go” and have each team wobble towards each other, using their feet to try to break the other team’s balloons. No hands allowed! When a person gets their balloon popped, they are out of the game, and they need to move themselves over to the side of the room.


The last person with the balloon is the winner!


  1. Bobbing for Candy Corn

The goal of this game is for your guests to race to the bottom of their jello cup in search of the candy corn. Have guests collect their found candy corn and the first one to the magic number is the crowned victor!


All you have to do is round up all the players at the table, with the cups of jello in the middle. On your mark, all the players should start digging into the cups of jello with their mouths only. Whenever they find a candy corn at the bottom of the jello, contestants should put the corn in a separate cup for collecting.

Once a player reaches 10, the game is over.


That’s It!

This list of Halloween party games will make sure that your guests are talking about your Halloween party for years to come! Contact Remax Legacy if you want to be moved in time for all of this years’ festivities!

Top 5 Buying Tips for Summer

Top 5 Buying Tips for Summer

Summer is far from over! There’s so much left of this beautiful season, especially in California where the weather is pretty warm all throughout Fall as well. The real estate market does tend to change from season to season, so if you are considering buying a home, whether it be your first or your last, there are some things to think about. Summer can be a great time to not only look at potential homes, but also make a purchase! We’ve compiled a list of tips and advice on why buying a home during the Summer can be your best decision yet!

  1. Options are Helpful

During the Summer months many homes are put on the market which is a great thing for buyers. Although sometimes options can seem overwhelming, especially if you are not exactly sure what you want in a home, you can only benefit from them in the end! Many sellers also choose Spring or early Summer to remodel parts of their home before putting it on the market. So, if you are touring homes closer to the end of Summer, you are most likely getting the ‘cream of the crop’ (aka the best properties with updates and new features).

2. Easier to Walk the Property

Although we previously mentioned California doesn’t exactly have fluctuating weather, it’s always nicer to look at your potential family home in the best light. During the Summer the flowers are blooming, the grass is fresh and most things like water features, pools and fire pits are running. Walking a property during the warmer months allows potential buyers to get a well-rounded feel for the land and everything the home has to offer.

3. Show the Whole Family

Many times during Fall, Winter and Spring local listings offer available showing during the days. Although one or two family members may be able to see the home, the kids have to attend school. A benefit about viewing a home during the Summer is that you can bring the entire family to take a look and see what they think. Kids may be able to point out a benefit or downfall about the property that you don’t initially think about.

4. Pricing

Many families are strayed away from looking at homes during June, July and August because Summer is considered “peak season” for selling homes, but there are actually benefits for exploring during this time. If you are not ready to settle on a home, but are just looking, Summer is a great time to do so because you can get a feel for what’s on the market, how much it costs and how much you can afford. Planning for your dream home during peak season is beneficial because it allows you to prepare for the worst, so anything less will give you extra money to spend on the home.

5. Location

Even if you have an idea about the area in which you want to look for houses, it can always be helpful to broaden your horizons. In Summer, people are typically more willing to travel to new locations or neighborhoods to look for homes because of time and encouraging weather. It is a small factor in theory, but can actually make a big difference in the long run.

For more buying tips or for selling advice, get in touch with one of our agents today! We have worked with both sides and can find the price, location and size that’s right for you!

4 of the Best Brunch Spots in Brea

4 of the Best Brunch Spots in Brea

Brea has got it all! Including some of the best brunch spots in Orange County. Whether you need some place to take the family on the weekends, or you need a great spot to meet up with the girls, there is a place for every occasion! Here’s a short list of some of our favorite brunch destinations regardless whether it’s the middle of the week or a sunny Sunday. We’ve also included our some of our favorite menu items!

Kimmie’s Coffee Cup

The charm and quaint atmosphere at Kimmie’s is one of the many reasons why they have so many regulars that continue to come back each week. Kimmie’s is a great breakfast or brunch spot that serves some of the best eggs in town. The cafe closes at 2 pm, so if you’re a late riser on the weekends, make sure to get there with enough time to be seated and eat your hefty meal. A crowd favorite at Kimmie’s is the short stack of Cinnamon Roll Pancakes and the Irish Benedict! However, if you aren’t as big of a fan when it comes to breakfasts foods, Kimmie’s offers plenty of lighter options.

TAPS Fish House and Brewery

As one of Brea’s most popular restaurants in town, TAPS is a top brunch destination on the weekends! Brunch is offered each Sunday from 9:30 am-2 pm. Reservations are a good idea if you’re thinking of bringing the crew to TAPS for brunch, because the restaurant fills up very quickly. TAPS is a crowd favorite among adults because the brunch menu has it’s own list of craft cocktails. One of our favorite drinks is called “There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand,” which is a mix of Pisco, passion fruit, banana, Jamaican bitters and lime. The food is even more extreme than the cocktails. Two of the most popular menu choices are the Philly Cheesesteak Omelette and the Trainwreck Burrito. One of the craft cocktails paired with any of the decadent food items makes for a brunch you won’t forget.

Bruegger’s Bagels

Looking for a more low-key breakfast/brunch spot? Bruegger’s Bagels is the perfect place to grab food in the mornings if you’re on-the-go or want a quiet place. This spot is also perfect for the early risers because Bruegger’s opens weekdays at 5:30 am, Saturdays at 6 am and Sundays at 7 am. Bruegger’s offers a selection of fresh bagels, breakfast sandwiches, coffee and more! Whether you’re running to work or just want a place to sit and read a book, Bruegger’s is great!

Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern

If none of these places have quite sold you yet, Jimmy’s will. Although it’s a chain, each restaurant has it’s own special flare, and the location in Brea is one of the best! Sunday brunch at Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern lasts from 11 am-3 pm, so it’s a great place to go if your family doesn’t wake up very early on the weekends. The atmosphere at Jimmy’s is fun and loud, so it’s a great place to bring the kids. However, for those parents that need an extra kick in the morning, the early bird happy hour means mimosas and bloody mary’s are only $7 before noon. For the ultimate weekend brunch-goers, you can get bottomless mimosas for only $15 with any entree! And if you’re struggling to decide on an entree, you can never go wrong with The Bubba, which is a biscuit filled with fried chicken, cheese, sausage gravy, bacon and a sunny side up egg.


For more information on Brea or to learn more about the area, check out our other blogs here!

5 Dessert Spots to Try in Brea

5 Dessert Spots to Try in Brea

If the divine restaurants in Brea weren’t enough to fill up your stomach, these dessert spots will do the trick! Brea has some great dessert places that offer all kinds of signature and creative twists on classic creations. Once you try one, you’ll want to try them all! Here is a list of five of our favorites!

1. Cinnaholic



Your cinnamon roll dreams have come true! Cinnaholic serves up the most decadent and delicious gourmet cinnamon rolls in all of Orange County. The idea originated from the tv show Shark Tank, and has come to life in Brea! Customers can choose from a variety of 20 frosting flavors and 22 toppings. The frosting flavors range anywhere from Chai to Lemon and the toppings include crushed cookies, nuts and fruits! The combinations are endless.


2. Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour


You can never go wrong with a classic banana split! With three locations across Orange County, Farrell’s is not just popular, it’s THE ice cream spot. Farrell’s specializes in the best and most creative ice cream sundaes you can dream of. You can choose from one of the specialized creations, or create your own sundae! This old-fashioned ice cream parlour is a great place to take the kids or go with a big group. Farrell’s most well-known menu item is somewhat of a feat for whoever can finish it. The Farrell’s Zoo includes 30 scoops of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, chocolate, strawberry and marshmallow sauce, whipped cream, sprinkles, cherries and bananas! It’s the classic ice cream sundae on steroids!

3. J’s Sweet Treats



In need of that chocolate cake fix? J’s Sweet Treats has chocolate plus so much more! J’s offers a variety of homemade cupcakes and cakes. However, they do not stick to just your classic vanilla and chocolate flavors. At J’s you can find cupcakes like Chocolate Peanut Butter which is a chocolate cake, filled with Reese’s peanut butter and topped with a peanut buttercream, or the Strawberry Cheesecake which is a strawberry or vanilla cupcake, stuffed with strawberries, frosted with cream cheese buttercream and topped with strawberry drizzle and graham cracker crumbles. J’s Sweet Treats also makes custom cakes for every occasion. You can order a classic size or consult with them about a custom design.


4. Kelley’s Kookies


Tucked in the Brea Mall, Kelly’s Kookies offers the best gourmet cookies in the area. Whether you’re buying a treat for yourself or a gift set for a friend, you can’t go wrong! The Kelley’s Kookies sets are great gifts, and usually customized around special holidays and events. Our favorite flavors are the pecan shortbread and the melting moments, which is a walnut cookie covered in decadent powdered sugar!


5. Creamistry


Finally on the list is another franchise, but one that cannot be missed if you are an ice cream connoisseur. Creamistry offers made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream that is made right before your eyes! Choose between a base of premium, organic or coconut milk, then add in your favorite flavors and toppings. With over 70 flavors and toppings, and an unlimited amount of combinations you will want to try everything! One of our personal favorite combinations is the Premium base, a combination of cookies & cream and Reese’s peanut butter flavor, and mixed in fresh baked brownie bites!


Ice cream, cakes, cookies and cinnamon rolls! Brea has it all. The dessert spots are only the beginning of all Brea has to offer which is why so many residents love living there! For more information on living in Brea or the cost of real estate, get in touch with one of our team members today! Brea could be the perfect place for your family.

Best Nightlife in Brea

Best Nightlife in Brea

There are so many things to do in Brea that it can be overwhelming, but if you’re looking for the best nightlife in Brea, then read on. You may not go out all that often, but it’s important to know which spots to go to on the occasions that you do. We have a few different places in mind, each with their own style and unique features. 

Shady Nook

If you like dive bars as much as us, then Shady Nook should be on your list of the best nightlife in Brea. You’ll find that it’s smaller, has more locals, and can get rowdy at times, which makes it all the more fun. Although this might not be the ideal atmosphere for everyone, it definitely makes us feel at home! You will get a different crowd and ambiance every trip, and the drink specials are different daily as well.


Although the drink specials change, because the bartenders aim to please they always keep the drinks strong! That fact in combination with pool tables and live music on Saturday nights makes it a great location to start the night off or as your only destination.

Best Nightlife in Brea


The Improv

Another great way to kick off your night is to head over to a comedy show. The Brea Improv has a longstanding history of scheduling high-caliber comedians, both established and up and coming talent. The great thing about this venue is that you can go on back to back nights and they are likely to have an entirely different lineup with all new jokes.


Getting the night started off laughing is a brilliant way to set a cheerful tone for the rest of the evening. They also serve some pretty great food, oh and we can’t forget the drinks. The Improv has a liquor license, which means you can have any drink you would at any other bar, but you’ll be far more entertained!


Macallan’s Public House

If you like to eat, and most people out there seem to, then give your taste buds a treat by heading to this gastropub. For those who don’t know what a gastropub is, just know that it means that they take their food as seriously as their drinks. Some of the best food around is popping up in gastropubs because they procure higher quality product and promote creativity in the kitchen.

Best Nightlife in Brea

The incredible food choices along with the almost endless variety of high-end whiskey (wrapped up in a laid-back lounge area) make this easily one of the best nightlife spots in Brea. Macallan’s is perfect for any occasion, whether you want to grab some great food, try some new whiskey, or mix it up with other people in town, this is the place to be!


Call Us!

If you have any questions about the best nightlife in Brea, give us a call at (714) 209-7333 or email us at info@remaxlegacyca.com. You can also stop by our office at 135 S. State College Blvd Suite 675 Brea, California 92821. Remax Legacy is here for you as your guide to all things Brea!