6 Of the Best Family Activities in Brea

6 Of the Best Family Activities in Brea

Family activities are very beneficial. Not only to make the family a more cohesive unit but to ensure that each member is relaxed and having a good time. Every family needs to take a break from their normal routines in life and just spend time together to bond together. However, finding the perfect activity to indulge in as a family can be a tough venture. This is because each person has their own preference when it comes to having fun.

If you are a family in Brea, you are in luck because there are very many activities tailored just for you. These activities cover all your needs, from the oldest adult to the youngest kid, ensuring that you all get into the spirit of fun.

Let’s take a look at some of the best activities for you and your family!

1.    Hiking

Nature has some of the best therapeutic benefits. Taking a walk through undisturbed nature soothes the soul and cleanses the mind.

Take a walk through Panorama Nature Preserve and experience the thrill that comes with it. The trail is diverse, ranging from paved to dirt, and the Flora around is quite a sight to behold. One of the best things about this trail is that it’s not only for the day walkers but also caters to those who enjoy walks at night. The clear skies and the breathtaking view of the city lights below will leave you in awe.

The Ted Craig Regional Park is something else altogether. This park doubles up as a fun place to hang out with the family. If you’re bored of hiking, you can settle for the numerous other activities available. Baseball fields, basketball courts, and handball courts; Ted Craig Regional Park ensures you do not run out of family activities.

2.    Watch a Movie

Only got a few hours to spare for the entire family? Why not spend that time watching a thriller at the local Cinema then head home having a recap?

Brea Plaza 5 Cinemas offers great discounts that will ensure the entire family gets a seat for the movie. Views are in HD and 3D coupled with surround sound so you never miss a moment.

Edwards Brea Stadium Cinema is a multiplex with 12 theatres. Its location is quite convenient as there are a couple of eateries next to it. The theatre experience is quite comfortable and you will definitely want a repeat.

3.    Take Sports or Play Games

If you’re a sporty family, then you will love the Brea Sports Park. Being a community developed venue, it offers enough recreational space for the entire family. Features include soccer and baseball fields, basketball courts, and multipurpose practice area. It is a fun place to spend time with the kids and at the same time improve their athletic skills.

Arovista Park is another pleasant venue for sporting activities along with space for a picnic and a barbecue area. It also has a performance amphitheater so you can go there as a family audience.

4.    Explore History

Here’s a fun family activity that doubles up as an educational experience. Visit the Brea Museum & Heritage Center with the family and learn about the rich history of Brea and its surrounding areas. Do you know the story of oil production in your community? Find out about this and so much more at this amazing Heritage Center.

The Olinda Oil Museum & Trail is a great place to relive history and at the same time enjoy recreational pursuits. The two-mile trail looping around the property doubles as a hiking trail and you can explore the area as one of the many family activities laid out for you.

5.    Spectate

Join other families and be an audience to the entertainment industry in Brea. This is a family activity that will make you appreciate talents that come on stage and perhaps even inspire your young ones into exploring the visual arts. You can visit the Curtis Theatre to have a taste of this venture.

6.    Honorable Mentions

There are other great places to spend time with the family. They are not only fun but also age appropriate for everyone in the family:

  • Founder’s Park – There are many activities to choose from and it even has a fun rock climbing wall!
  • Brea Civic Cultural Center – There are recreational classes, workout programs, and a fitness facility. You can take the family here and engage in fitness activities together.

If you’re a family looking to spice up your calendar of events, then you should definitely bookmark these fun family activities and plan a family fun filled weekend.

You don’t have to live in Brea to enjoy its activities, but why wouldn’t you want to?! For buying tips or for selling advice, get in touch with one of our agents today! We can find the right home for you today.


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