Key Rules to Follow When Selling Your Home

Key Rules to Follow When Selling Your Home

The process of selling your home can be a grueling and long one, but with these great tips hopefully we can make the process a little less overwhelming.

1. Talk with an Agent

First things first, find an agent you really like and talk with them before you begin the process of selling your home. It’s important to find an agent you like and who understands your needs, because you will be working with them a lot throughout the entire process. It is also key to talk with the agent first before making any changes to your home. An agent can provide you with inside advice about the value of your home, timing, or things you might need to change. Our agents at Remax Legacy are well seasoned in the real estate industry, and want to customize the selling or buying process to best fit your needs! Because of our extensive experience, we are able to offer advice on how to get more money for your home, or what to do to make the process go as quickly as possible.

2. Create an Appealing Profile

Marketing your home is one of the most important steps when going through the selling process. Creating your home’s online profile is the first step, then factoring in social media comes next. A great profile for your home is important because it can make all the difference for potential buyers who are scrolling through hundreds of homes at once. There are three factors that are key when building the profile: good-quality photos, realistic photos and a good description of the home.

Photos that are of good quality truly make all the difference, but also pictures that are true to the size of the home. There are many photographers who can do wonders, and take pictures that make the rooms in your home look a lot bigger or dramatic than they actually are. While a little enhancement is always beneficial, you don’t want photos that look too unrealistic because when people actually visit the home it’s bad for them to be disappointed. The description of the home is also important, because you want your home to sound as appealing as possible. This means no typos, proper grammar and lots of descriptive words. Other beneficial tools include video tours of the home, a layout and any social media posts regarding the home.

Our agents at Remax Legacy are more than willing to help with all of these steps. We have the means to help you take fantastic photos and videos of your home that make it look desirable. We can also walk you through the best ways to go about marketing your home to the public.

3. Adjust any easy fixes

Are there any weird quirks about your house that you’ve learned to live with? Fix them before the open house rolls around! Some real estate agents might suggest than remodeling certain parts of your home before putting it on the marketing will make it sell quicker, which is not a lie, but there are a lot of faster and more inexpensive changes you can make. Retouch and paint that may be chipped on cabinets, walls or furniture. Screw tight any loose hinges on doors or cabinets. If there are any weird sounds coming from the bathrooms or kitchen, a pipe might be loose or need to be replaced, so make things simple and book a quick consult with a plumber to resolve the issue. Although the house can probably be sold without the small changes, it will make look the interior of the home look more clean and presentable.

4. Curb Appeal is Important

The exterior of your home is a big factor when it comes to selling your home. Potential buyers may look at multiple pictures of your home, but when they come to take an in-person tour, the exterior of your home will be their first impression. This concept is called curb appeal because the exterior of your home can say a lot about its value. Even if you are not hosting an open house yet, if your home is on the market and on real estate websites, the exterior should be in tip-top shape. Potential buyers will start driving by as soon as your listing goes live. Below is a checklist to getting your curb appeal in check. The first few items are easy and pretty much essential, while the last few are optional but recommended.

  • Mow the lawn
  • Power wash the driveway
  • Clean up any toys or trash from outside
  • Wash the windows
  • Clean the gutters
  • Add plants/ flowers where possible
  • Make the doorstep inviting with a wreath or doormat
  • Fix any paint touch-ups

5. Home Staging is Key

Any agent will recommend an open house when trying to sell your home. The better the open house, the faster your home will sell. People want to picture your home on the market as their home while they’re walking through. Although your taste and color palette may be great, many agents will recommend staging your home. IF you have already found a new home and your home on the market is empty, staging your home can be very easy. The rooms need to be filled with just enough furniture to create an inviting environment. Homes that have been staged are proved to sell 80% faster and for 20% higher than homes that have not been staged. If your family is still living in your home that’s on the market, then you must make sure that when the open house rolls around, your home is the cleanest it can be. Agents might still recommend swapping out some furniture to make the rooms look more appealing.

Regardless of which stage in the process you are at; our agents are here to help with whatever you need. Give us a call, take a look at our social media or check out our website today for more information!


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